Book Meetings from Marketo Campaigns

Book more meetings from Marketo campaigns

1. Increase your conversion rates

Including a calendar link in your email campaigns can receive  a substantial boost if you you add this parameter at the end of your Chili Piper links:

?id={{lead.Email Address}}. Here’s an example below of the HTML snippet you would include in your template:

Hi ,

Let me know what time works best for you for a demo. Here are the <a href=”{{lead.Email Address}}”>availabilities</a> on our end – feel free to book a time directly in one click.

Where is the calendar link and ?id={{lead.Email Address}} is the dynamic field at the of the calendar.

2. Increase your completion rates

To the meeting types booked through your email campaigns , add these 3 reminders, under the  reminder tab, to boost your completion rates:

  • One hour before reminding them what information they will be getting from the meeting.
  • One minute before reminding them the conference details.
  • One day before if they haven’t yet accepted the meeting invite.

Reminder if the prospect didn't accept the meeting invite

3. Track your results in Salesforce.

If you added all the optional Salesforce fields to your events per  installation document you will start seeing all the data you need in Salesforce to measure your results.

Salesforce meeting reports

4. Automate your process

Based on the information you write in Salesforce (no shows, meeting types, campaign where the meeting was booked from) you can start automating your process more. Examples includes:

  • In addition to the meeting invite sent by Chili Piper you can send personalized emails at the time of the booking.
  • Automate the status of your lead in Salesforce to mark it to the next stage.
  • In addition to the email alert sent by Chili Piper to the assignee of the meeting, you can send personalized preparation notes.

5. Advanced routing

You can setup advanced rules for your meeting distribution in your  queues tab. Examples include:

  • Assign to existing owner if there is one
  • Assign round robin based on employees count.
  • Assign round robin to a specific team based on region.
  • Or a combination of all the above.

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