Route your qualified prospects to a calendar

You can route your inbound traffic from your website forms to the correct team or individual calendar based on the queues you setup. As a reminder you can do a combination of any of these rules: assign to owner if an owner already exists, round robin to a specific team depending on form values, direct to a specific colleague’s calendar based on different form values.

Before you can get started, make sure you follow the following steps:

1. Access your form field names

You can find them in your form creator or by “Inspecting” them in Chrome directly (Right-click on a page element and select Inspect).

For instance, in the example below, the field name for the “Phone Number” field is “phone.”


2. Match your fields with Salesforce fields

You can do the fields mapping in Chili Piper. Create a new form under your forms menu option with the same fields as your form, match them with Salesforce fields. Your field type in Salesforce MUST match the field type in your form.

Form fields matching

3. Add form to router

After you saved your form in Chili Piper, make sure you add it  to the router you’re planning to use:


4. Post to router from your form

If you finished with your queues, and their online settings, the form & router you can test your form by adding the following post link in your URL:

Both “your-organization-name” and “your-router-name” are parameters specific to your configurations.

Router name


Your organization name

Your org name

So for instance if your router name is “inbound” and your organization name is “Acme” in Chili Piper your call is as follows:

After you identified your URL, give it to your development team and ask them to post the form to it.

That’s it.

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