Configuring your Form Booker


Before you can utilize your  Form Booker for your team for events or your website make sure you:

1. Your queues are all setup. See  examples of queues . See example of advanced queue setup here

2. Your team calendars are connected

3. Your team has conference details associated.

Once these three prerequisites are completed, you are ready to create your "Inbound Router".

Create and Configure Inbound Router

1. Navigate to the Inbound Router Section of Chili Piper and click "Add New Form Scheduler" at the bottom.

2. Create a new Form and Map your form to Chili Piper form

3. Under "Queues assigned for Meeting distribution", turn on the the correct team calendars (“ queues“) that will be used for deciding booking order.

4. Under "Queues assigned for prospects who don't book meetings", associate the queues that will be used for deciding how the leads are assigned if they don't book meetings (either because they are not qualified or because they exited out of the booker)

5. Test your form before you use it on your site. See how you can view what happens at every step  here 

6. Add your Embed Code to your Form Page

Here’s an example of a how this works on our site:

Learn more:

Note that there's an additional charge for the Intelligent Form Booker: $200 per month.

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