What is the Concierge || Inbound Router


Chili Piper’s Concierge || Inbound Router is an amazing tool aimed at eliminating the headaches of routing leads from marketing to sales. The Inbound Router has the ability to put time on a sales rep’s calendar as soon as a prospect has filled out a form from any website, social media platform, or email campaign.

It allows you to configure advanced rules such as:

  • Leads who don't qualify for a meeting don't see a calendar
  • Leads in certain regions see the calendar of a particular team/individual 
  • Leads in a certain industry/certain size or any other rules based on your Salesforce mapping book meetings with the correct team (round robin supported as well)
  • Leads that already have an opportunity open can book directly with the opportunity owner 
  • Leads that are already worked on (by your prospecting team for instance) can book a meeting directly with the lead owner 

If a prospect doesn't book a meeting on the site (because they forgot or because they don't qualify) can be routed to the correct person automatically (supports round robin, assign to owner etc) for follow up.

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