Creating Salesforce Reports

For advanced reports make sure you add these fields to your Salesforce activities.

For events created within queues, check the “Create in Salesforce box” under the queue settings.

Go to Salesforce reports and select “Task and Events.”

New Salesforce report

Use the filters at the top to filter on a period, creation date, start date, creator.

Meetings reportsAnd you can filter on any of the filters below (or a combination of all of them). 



BookerMeeting Type:

Meeting typeYou can also filter by queue if you created any for your team:

meeting queue

By Assignee:


By No Shows. Note you can semi-automate no shows via your calendar:

No Shows

After the report is ready you can export it, print it or subscribe to receive email summaries at certain dates:

Salesforce events reports

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