Chili Piper for Events

Use case: Your team is attending a tradeshow and you want to capture qualified leads/contact in Salesforce and book a demo on the spot. You want to be able to manually select which rep you’re booking the meeting with. You also want to track which rep booked the demo.

The steps below will allow you to create a lead in Salesforce and book a meeting with the correct AE all in one step directly at the tradeshow.

1. Create picklist field in Salesforce

Add a field to your lead and contact in Salesforce of type picklist that has all your reps who can receive a meeting (preferably with the help of a Global List).

2. Create a queue

Create a queue on your queue list that matches this picklist with an Account Executive’s calendar. Give it a name you will remember (e.g. Events).

Algorithm for this queue should be: Prioritize routing based on ownership.

Rules: Picklist field value should match with an account executive in your list – see screenshot below.

Make sure you click on “Refresh Salesforce Fields” on this rule to make sure your new picklist shows up.

Activate your reps in the queue.

Note to admins: for new hires, you’ll have to make sure they are added to the right calendar queues in Chili Piper.

3. Create simple form for your events

Create a new form on your form list page. Give it a name you will remember (e.g. “Event Form”) . The fewer the number of fields, the better; this form needs to be operated by thumbs at events.

On the newly created form you allow your team to select the AEs to book for from the picklist you created earlier.

4. Publish your form

On your Inbound Router page create a new router for your team. Make sure you turn it on so you can test the URL.

Attribute the queue you created earlier.

If you want to attribute it to a specific person, make sure to select the correct booker in the “Default Booker” field.

Attribute the form you created earlier.

5. Test your form

Once you are finished with your settings on your router you will see a URL that allows you test your new router for your event under “Router Settings”:

Your form should look something like this:

Make sure to test your router!

You can give this router to everyone in your team or create separate ones for each rep that’s attending the event. This way you can select separate “Default Bookers” under your router settings.

Do reach out if you need help to setup this form & we can schedule a screen sharing session to make sure all your configurations are correct.

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