Onboarding Checklist

Use this checklist as a bird’s eye guide to getting your team ready! 

Be sure to:

Check that each rep’s conference details are correct, here

You created your queues correctly, see checklist here

Meeting templates are available for each corresponding meeting. Some examples found here

All reps are assigned to the correct queue, and that the correct queues are activated (i.e. AEs assigned to Discovery Call queue, Enterprise Inbounds assigned to Enterprise SDRs, etc.)

You associate each user with the correspondent default meeting type (e.g. AEs can have a Follow up meeting type and SDRs can have a Discovery meeting type)

Make sure your users' settings are correct 

You've added these Salesforce fields to track all your meetings data 

Share this User Guide with your team and then check their configuration per below

If you are using Gmail make sure your users:

Have downloaded the Chrome Extension and their calendars are active. You can check their progress on this page

Your team members have added booking link in your email signature. Here’s how.

If you are using Outlook make sure your users 

Have connected their calendars by logging in to Chili Piper 

Have Installed the Add-in 

Have inserted their booking link in your email signature. Here’s how


If you are using GoToMeeting, make sure your users know how to connect their account

If you are using Salesloft make sure you have setup all your processes and your team knows how to use the app from the dialer and using smart links 


  • Be sure to add new recruits to the queues 
    • Be sure to send the onboarding guide to your users. You may also want to create a mini document that explains how your rules for assignment/queues work 

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