Meeting templates for your team

Each user has a default meeting template. This template is used as a default when they book their own meetings from the browser extension or when they share their link. Users have the option to create several personal meeting templates and select which one to use before booking a meeting. 

Setting up defaults for your users using this quick guide below + adding  these fields in Salesforce allows for better visibility into meeting types, completion rates and for automation in your process 

1. Go to your user settings 

You will find their settings under User Settings.  On the left side, you will see whether your team members have installed the browser extension, connected their calendars, downloaded the browser extension, connected their GoToMeeting accounts, are active in a queue: 

2. Change their templates 

If you click on the edit button you will be able to edit their individual calendar settings as well (even before they become an active user):

Click on EDIT next to their name

Select the  Meeting Type . We recommend Discovery for users in the sales development team and Follow-up for sales reps

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