Automatically Call Prospects

There are customizable settings which include the ability to automatically call prospects upon submitting the web form and running Chili Piper. This allows for you to have more control over the way your sales team engages with your inbound leads. 

The settings to Automatically Call Prospects can be found and configured in your individual Queue settings.


Within this setting, you can select the behavior for when the prospect is qualified for the call and how to handle your engagement with them both when a rep is available and also if you don't have a rep available at the time of form submission.

The settings for determining whether you would like to auto-dial the prospect is on the queue level so that you can have different settings between your queues and set different rules for more flexibility into how to engage with prospect based on what you know about them. For some prospects, you may want to offer the option to pick between scheduling a meeting and connecting now via phone. For other segments, you may want to Automatically call them. Furthermore, you could also have some segments of your prospect always be presented the option to schedule a meeting at a later time. 

When the prospect is qualified for the call:

This section assumes there is a sales rep available at the time the prospect fills out the form. How does availability work?

1. This option will automatically trigger a call to the prospect upon form submission. Chili Piper finds the rep who should be up next within the Round Robin or based on your Territory Rules and automatically begins call that rep, who will be able to answer and Press 1 to then connect directly to the prospect. The prospect will be shown the "Looking for Rep" UI.

Note: If a queue with these settings is enabled within the "Phone Queues" section of Concierge and the prospect qualifies for this respective queue, the Phone Queue settings will override all other settings and begin the dialing sequence / respect your settings within the queue. 

2. This setting will enable the prospect to select the option for a call or to schedule a meeting upon form submission, per your settings within your Concierge. 

If the prospect qualified for the call but there's no rep available, give option(s) to:

3. This setting will prompt the prospect to schedule a meeting for later. Thus, either after no rep is able to answer and press 1 or every rep is outside of working hours, the prospect will be presented the calendar UI for scheduling. 

4. This setting will keep calling and will connect as soon as a rep is available. What this does is have Chili Piper continuously search for an available sales rep every 5 minutes, within the respective working day. Lead assignment will happen once a rep answers and presses 1 to accept or until the end of the respective working day. 


  • The sequence to automatically call the prospect will continue to run until 6pm, relative to the prospect's timezone. At that point if no rep is found to answer and accept the call, the lead will be distributed via Queues for those who don't take action.
  • The sequence will not continue the next day but only occur within the business day of your sales team. This is to prevent Chili Piper calling your reps on their way to work or first thing when they get in while getting their coffee!
  • The "Prospect UI" section below determines the message which will be displayed to your prospects based on your configuration.
  • If the prospect fills the form outside of the working hours of your reps and the phone queue is the only one that is matching, then the prospects will be redirected to a booking page to schedule a meeting at a later time within that queue. 

5. This setting won't call when a rep isn't available or show the scheduling option (assuming #1 is selected) and will instead assign the prospect in Queues for prospects who didn't take action within your "Concierge || Inbound Router".

Prospect UI per Concierge Settings

Here you can customize the message to display for prospects, depending on the settings you configure, and personalize the label on the call button. These settings are configured within each "Concierge || Inbound Router". 

If the option “automatically call” is selected, the prospect will not be presented a screen with options, instead, it will go straight to the "Message to display if the prospect clicks on call button."

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