One-Click Link & Meeting Series Overview

The One-Click Link & Meeting Series functionality is build primarily for the following use-cases:

  • Group training and onboarding series of meetings
  • Individual training and onboarding series of meetings
  • Webinars
  • In-Person Events (such as a happy hour)

With One-Click Link & Meeting Series, you create 1 "smart link" that has the ability to book 1 meeting, a reoccurring set of meetings, or a custom set of meetings based on the times/dates to your choosing. Send thru your email marketing or sales automation tool for a simple scheduling process for prospects and customers alike. Once booked, all data logged in Salesforce for tracking along with custom reminders that can be built for each meeting within the series. 

The ability to configure these meeting settings allows users to schedule various types of meetings both easily and effectively.

Rep sends the customer a Meeting Series URL

               Customer clicks the URL and instantly books all meetings tied to the Meeting Series URL.                          

The meeting(s) are then added to both the customer's and the rep's calendar.

This Feature Includes:

  • Meeting Customization
    • Configure how often you would like a meeting to occur 
      • Every Weekday, Weekly, Monthly, Custom, or Does Not Repeat
    • Configure the same or different Meeting Templates for each meeting in the series
  • Calendar Event Options
    • Create a calendar event for each individual or all guests
    • Configure whether or not guests can see each other in the invite
    • Limit the number of guests
    • Customize a message for if the meeting is full
  • Public One-Click Booking Link
    • Identify customers through the use of smart booking parameters, generated automatically once selecting your Mail Automation tool.

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