Embedding your javascript with Gravity Forms

This integration is unique for Gravity forms. You must have the Gravity Forms plugin installed to your Wordpress site to follow this guide. 

After creating/configuring your Router, configuring your queues, and mapping your Gravity Form field names to your Chili Piper form, navigate  to " Inbound Concierge | Router"   and  select "Edit" on your Router. 

Scroll  to  the bottom and copy your embed code:

The Javascript Snippet will be used in 2 sections within your Gravity Form:

  1. As a field on the form as an HTML block.
    1. Add a new field to your form of type = "HTML"

b. Add javascript snippet into HTML 

c. Update Form

2. In Settings -> Confirmations - add your script. 

a. Change ChiliPiper.scheduling to ChiliPiper.showCalendar (see example below)

b. You'll want to make sure that you choose Confirmation Type = Text. Chili Piper will handle your redirect settings.

c. Make sure to place 'code' tags around around your javascript.

Add your Form to your Page

Add the Gravity Form that you added the Chili Piper Javascript for to your page. 

  • Important: Do not Enable Ajax.

Publish your page & Test

For testing, submit your form with test data and check that the following occurs:

  1. The calendar appears
  2. Your test lead is submitted into Gravity Forms
  3. Your test lead values are showing up properly in your Chili Piper Router 'History'.
  4. If using Salesforce, check that your lead was successfully create and assigned to the Assignee who your test meeting was booked with.  

Troubleshooting Note:  A period in the HTML field name may cause errors with Chili Piper's ability to interpret the data from your form.  You may want to use "Standard Fields" when configuring your Gravity Form to avoid this. 

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