Google Analytics Tracking Help

If you are using Google Analytics Tracking Code and Goals along with Chili Piper, you may notice in your GA sessions that leads who complete your form will temporarily be redirected to a Chili Piper URL while they are booking. The user will then be redirected back to your site. When they come back to your site, you may find that this creates a new "Session" within Google Analytics with Chili Piper as the referrer.

That would then mean you are unable to relate the session prior to form fill back to the new session when they come back to your site after booking. 

This can create problems if you are using Goals based on Destination URL, as you cannot see the full history of that users session.  

Below is an explanation and solution to resolve this problem in Google Analytics:

If the visitor goes to a page on another domain where your GA code is not executed and the visitor comes back from there, your session gets reset. You can avoid this if you add the domain on which this happens to the exclusion list, so sessions that start with that domain won't start a new session, rather continue the previous.


  • To best solve for this issue:: Add "" to your REFERRAL EXCLUSION LIST in Google Analytics.

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