Write Events to SFDC Custom Objects

With Chili Piper, you can write a SFDC Event to a Custom Object. What this will do is set the "Related To" for the Event to the Custom Object ID you specify. 

There are 2 ways to do accomplish this:

  • Via a Custom Button on the Custom Object
    • This will open the "Instant Booker" directly in Salesforce
  • Via a Online Booking URL 
    • You can send to customers to pick a time that works for them

Booking Directly from Salesforce via Custom Button

With this option, you will need to create a custom button on the Layout of your Custom Object. We will provide you the syntax for this button to open Chili Piper, but what this button will do is pass Chili Piper the Custom Object ID so that Chili Piper can write back to the ID you tell us to. 

Step 1: Navigate to Salesforce Setup -> Build -> Create -> Objects

Step 2: Select the Custom Object you wish to have Chili Piper relate to

Step 3: If you do not have it already, create a New Custom Field to tell Chili Piper who to book the meeting with. This field will have Data Type = Lookup and be Related to a Contact. Here is an example Gif. 

Note: You will always need to have this field populated for Chili Piper to be able to book a meeting. This is because we will need this value in order to know which Contact Record and Email address to send the calendar invite to. 

Step 4: Once step 3 is completed, create a new Button and call it "Book Training" or "Book via Chili Piper" - Up to you.

  • Set "Display Type" = Detail Page Button
  • Set "Behavior" = Display in new window
  • Set Content Source = URL

Step 5: Set the Chili Piper URL, which will open when the Button is clicked. 

Use BaseURL: https://api.chilipiper.com/calendar/contact/ and then insert the field merge = to the Contact ID you created in Step 3. This will tell Chili Piper which Contact to open the Calendar for. 

Step 6: Add ?objectId= parameter to the Button URL and pass the Record ID to this parameter. This will enable Chili Piper to know which Custom Object ID to Relate the Meeting to. 

Step 7: Add the Button to the Page Layout of your Custom Object and you should be all set!

Booking via Online Booking URL

See all available parameters for Smart Links. 

To have a Chili Piper Online Booking URL create a Salesforce Event which relates to a Custom Object, you will need to add the objectId parameter equal to the Record ID of the Custom Object Record. 

Example: https://mycompany.chilipiper.com/book/me/my-name?objectId=5000W00001DS2Pm

Step 1: Locate the Object ID to Append to URL

The Object ID can be found via the Salesforce Opportunity URL. 

Step 2: Locate the Chili Piper booking link to be used for the meeting.


Step 3: Add the '?objectId=' parameter to your URL and append the Custom Object ID to the end of the URL. 


Step 4: Send off to your client! The expected behavior is when the meeting is booked where you add the objectId parameter to your booking link, the SFDC Event will be "Related To" the Custom Object ID that you specify in the Online Booking URL. 

Notes for booking via Booking Link:

  • Remember to add the clients email address using the 'id=email@domain.com' parameter for 1-click booking.
  • This URL can be generated automatically via Salesforce as well. Please contact support@chilipiper.com for assistance in how to do this. 

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