Guide for Full Setup

In this article, we will set you up with the most basic version of Chili Piper's Concierge using a Router URL. This should help you understand how it works and have a working version to share with your team. In the next article, we will show you how to integrate your router into your web forms. 
Note: If you get stuck or have complicated routing rules you'd like to get some help with, you can always  schedule a time with us and we'll help you set it up. 

Let's get started!

  1. Login to Chili Piper
  2. Create a new 15-minute Meeting Template called "Concierge Call"
    1. Here's how we did ours:

3. Create a new Queue called "Phone Queue" and assign your users who will be taking inbound calls.

  • Remember that your users must have their phones verified for this to work. You can check who has verified and who hasn't here. 
  • Make sure you choose the meeting template you created in Step #2 and select Meeting is created in: "Assignee's Calendar"

  • For testing purposes, you may want to simply add yourself to the Phone queue. Again, make sure your phone is verified. Do that here. 

4. Create a form and map your form field names from your webpage form

5. Create a new "Concierge || Inbound Router"

6. Configure your settings as you see fit and add in your new "Phone Queue" into the Phone Queues section

7.  Once step #5 is completed, test your Router URL.

  • For the calling functionality to work with your router, please ensure you are marked as available in Chili Piper, not outside of working hours, and have at least 15-minutes before your next busy appointment. Learn how Availability Works. 

How do I know if I did it right?

  1. Open your Router URL in a new tab or window
  2. Fill out the form and input a phone number (should be different that the phone you are using for your Chili Piper number)
  3. After submitting the form, you should see either the "Call me now" option only or the "Call me now"/"Schedule a meeting" option. If you go straight to a calendar screen, that means your phone is not verified, you are not available, you forgot to add the phone queue, or your phone queue rules disqualified the test lead from having the call option. 

If you did everything right, you'll see 1 of these 2 screens:

Both Options:

Call Only option:

Go ahead, try and initiate a call and see if your phone rings! Once you answer, you should hear "Concierge Calling with {ProspectFullName}. Press 1 to accept." Once you press 1, the call will be placed to the number that was entered into the form!

If you weren't able to make it work, check the previous steps, availability, and try again. If that doesn't work, email us at or go ahead and schedule a time

What's next? Mapping your Chili Piper Form fields to you website form fields.

*make sure to add your newly mapped form to your "Concierge || Inbound Router" once you do that. Then all you need to do is add the javascript to your webpage! Pretty easy huh?

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