Guide for Existing Form Booker Customers

You've got it easy. 

To make Concierge work for your current Chili Piper deployment, you can use the same javascript snippet or API you're currently using. Assuming everything is working fine and setup properly now, we'll just change some settings in Chili Piper. 

Here's what to do:

  1. Have your reps who you want taking calls Verify their Phones in Chili Piper. 
    1. They should probably read the docs too...just sayin'
  2. Create and configure a new queue for the users you want receiving phone queues. 
    1. Yes, you can repurpose your existing queue but it may make sense to run a different Round Robin for Phone calls as compared to meetings. Up to you, Chili Piper Admin.
  3. Relate a Meeting Template to your new queue. 
    1. Note that the time you specify in the Meeting Template will be the time we block for a phone call to mark them as away so they don't get another call. We will will update the call when it's over, but we recommend setting the length to 15 minutes. 
  4. Toggle on your Phone Queues in your Inbound Concierge. 
    1. Tell the Concierge who gets Phone calls. 
  5. Configure your settings in "Messages and UI Customization" 
    1. Or use our default settings and update as you see fit. 

We recommend testing a few times before you deploy to production, but that's really it! 

Reach out to us at with questions or schedule a time directly from the app (in the footer)!

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