Concierge Overview

Concierge was built to help your potential customers choose how they wish to engage with you after completing a contact request form. 

By providing the options to "Talk Now" or "Schedule a Call" immediately upon completing the form, qualified prospects receive instant gratification of speaking to a rep of right away on the phone or scheduling a meeting for a time that works for them. 

Customer Fills our "Contact Us" or "Talk to Sales" form

Customer is qualified and then immediately routed to appropriate sales rep or team of reps. Depending on settings in Chili Piper and Sales Rep availability, customer can be presented with either "Call me now" only, a calendar for scheduling, or both options. 

Below we have displayed both options. 

If they choose "Call me now", we tell your customer we are looking for a rep. (Looking for Rep UI)


Once your sales rep accepts the call, we let the customer know they will be receiving a call. 

If the first rep called answers and accepts, the customer will receive a call within 7 to 15 seconds.  If the first rep doesn't answer, we call the next up available rep. If no rep answers, we prompt the customer to schedule a call. 

This Product Includes:

  • Native Phone Integration
  • Concierge Customer Facing Settings
    • Configure the text/buttons/colors you present to prospects
  • Phone Queues
    • Respects Routing Rules
      • Determine which leads can "Talk Now" only, "Schedule a meeting" only, or both using queue rules!
    • Round Robin-Based Calling**
    • Existing Ownership-Based Calling (Lead/Contact/Account/Opportunity objects supported)
  • User Availability
    • Reps do not receive calls outside of working hours
    • Reps who are marked as busy on their calendar won’t receive calls
    • Reps can manually override available to “Mark as Away” or “Set themselves as available”
  • Alerts to reps with Prospect Information
    • No more manually adding leads to SFDC who call in
    • Reps know who they are talking to on the phone before prospect answers
  • Disqualification Handling
    • Create rules to determine which prospects can schedule a meeting, talk now, both, or neither.
    • New special redirect for those who don’t qualify
  • SFDC Integration
    • Report on which prospects schedule meetings vs request phone calls
  • Supports all marketing automation and web form providers
    • Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, Eloqua, Gravity Forms, Unbounce, Instapage, etc
    • Basically all web forms are supported
    • If we don’t support it now, we’ll build it. So let us know :)

**Round Robin-Based Calling built for fair call/lead distribution 

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