What's the difference between Concierge and Form Booker?

If you currently have the Chili Piper Form Booker (or Inbound Router) booking meetings for your team on your website, there's nothing to fear! Your normal functionality will work as always, we've just added some new settings for you. We promise you won't have to start using Chili Piper Lightning. 

The most important differences are Phone Queues & Messages and UI Customization sections have been added. 

Instead of only offering your prospect to schedule a call from your web forms, your prospects can have the option to "Talk Now" if at least one of your reps within a matching queue is available.

Simply have your reps verify their phone, make a new queue designated for phone calls, and turn on that queue within Concierge. We'll take care of the rest. 

Additionally, here are a few new settings you should know about:

  • Complete customization on what your prospect's experience, including customer facing text, button labels, and button/font colors.
  • All redirect settings are consolidated into 1 section.
  • New redirect URL option for prospects who don't match a queue. (meaning disqualified leads)
  • More visible "History" button

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