Concierge FAQs

Q: How does Concierge know I'm available for a call?

A: Based on your Calendar Availability plus Working Hours, and if you're on a Concierge call of course. The more often you're available, the higher the chances you should get calls. That said, we will distribute the calls even throughout your team using a clever Round Robin. The amount of calls you get will fluctuate per day, but it will even out over time relative to your teammates. 

Q: Will I be getting calls outside of working hours?

A: No, we respect working hours inside of Users’ personal settings. If no reps are available, the “Talk Now” option will not be displayed as an option.

Q: If a lead or contact is already in Salesforce and owned by one of my reps, can I only call that rep?

A: Yes, ownership rules can be applied. If that user does not answer or is not available, the prospect will have the option to schedule a call with his rep. 

Q: If I have a call in 5 minutes, will the Concierge still call me?

A: No, we make sure to give you plenty of time to talk to your prospect. If you're about to get on a call, we'll call someone else. If nobody else is available, we'll automatically prompt the prospect to schedule a meeting with you or your team for a later time. 

Q: My team already uses a phone system (TalkDesk, DialPad, RingCentral etc), can I connect that number to my Chili Piper profile?

A: Yes, this is supported. You may want to check with your Chili Piper admin which system is best for calls for your team. You will likley be double charged on the phone call usage if you use your Salesloft or Outreach phone number. 

Q: Can I use my cell phone?

A: Sure - It works fine!

Q: Can I mark myself as away from my cell phone?

A: Yes! Bookmark Chili Piper on your phone's browser (, then click "My Availability" and mark yourself as away. 

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