How Does Availability Work?

When you set up the Concierge you're probably wondering how often you will receive phone calls. 

Let's cover how to manage your availability. The first thing to note is that you will only be eligible to receive calls if you have:

1. Verified your phone number

2. Your Chili Piper Admin has placed you in an active phone queue

3. You are "Available for calls"

Your availability will be determined by your working hours AND free/busy events on your calendar. Make sure your working hours are set to your liking in the "My Settings" Tab. 

If you are free on your calendar you will be available to receive phone calls. Ex: Scott is available at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, July 31st and is placed in an active phone queue. He will be able to receive phone calls up until his working hours end (Tuesday @ 7 pm EST).

If you are outside of working hours you will notice a message that says "You are outside working hours". This will prevent you from receiving a phone call.

When you have an event on your calendar that is marked as BUSY you will not receive phone calls. Example: Scott is busy from 6-7 pm and he can't take phone calls. Guess he will miss out on all the leads....

In the case that Scott gets back from his super busy event, he can mark himself available via clicking the "I am back" and he will be able to continue receiving calls.

Scott leads a productive life. If he wants to go eat dinner he can easily block off his calendar by clicking the "Mark as Away" and selecting a time duration. This will prevent Scott from receiving calls.

Next, what happens when you receive a call?

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