Relate Meeting to SFDC Case & Opportunity

In Meeting Types Templates -> Salesforce Options Dropdown, you can enable your Meeting Template to related to the following Objects in Salesforce:

  • Case
  • Opportunity

When this option is selected, reps can select which Case or Opportunity to relate a specific meeting to right form the Instant Booker or via Suggested Time. When a meeting is booked via a related Case or Opportunity, the Event will automatically be written to Activity History of the associated Case or Opportunity. 


  • Opportunity (Sales)
    • AE's no longer have to add Contact Rules to associate meetings with an Opportunity
    • Sales Management can track and monitor all meetings related to an Opportunity
  • Case (CS, Support)
    • Saved time by populating Meeting Templates directly from Salesforce using the following Case Specific Dynamic Tags 
      • {!Case.Subject}
      • {!Case.CaseNumber}
      • {!Case.Description}
    • Increased visibility on meetings associated with specific cases 
    • Support reps can help customers by providing personalized booking links that will associate with case when meeting is booked

How to Enable Case or Opportunity Support for Admins:

To enable a Meeting Template to relate Case or Opportunity, simply check the box and select whether you would like to relate to a Case or Opportunity.

Once selected, this Meeting Template will be give your reps the ability to relate a Case or Opportunity. 

Next up, train your Users:

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