Expire Reschedule Link

Chili Piper offers the ability to generate a unique rescheduling URL for each meeting that is created by using the {!Meeting.RescheduleURL} Dynamic Tag in your Meeting Types - Templates.  Learn more here.

In some cases, you may want to allow your customers to reschedule the meeting prior to it happening. However, after the meeting has ended, you prefer they schedule a whole new meeting altogether instead of rescheduling your previous meeting. This can be helpful for reporting purposes and tracking interactions with customers.   

Here's how you expire rescheduling link after meeting ends:

  1. Navigate to Meeting Types - Templates
  2. Select your Meeting Template.
  3. Under Advanced Settings, check the box for "Expire reschedule link after meeting ends"
    1. Note: This setting must be applied to each individual meeting template.
  4. All done!

Please use the visual below if you have any trouble locating this setting!

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