Book Meetings from Campaign Monitor Emails

By setting up this integration with your Campaign Monitor account, here's what you can do:

  • Schedule meetings from Campaign Monitor emails
  • Prospects book in 1-click, no form fill required
  • Route meeting to SFDC Lead/Contact Owner
  • Log details directly in SFDC & Campaign Monitor

Integrating Chili Piper Booking Links into Campaign Monitor

Including a calendar link in your email campaigns can receive a substantial boost in conversion rates.  

To do this lets first open up a Campaign Monitor email.  Assuming you've built the email lets add a button to the Chili Piper booking link similar to the picture below:

Click the link and add the Chili Piper team or personal booking link like below:[email]

What we're doing here is appending the email address of the prospect to the Chili Piper link via a contact personalization field. The contact personalization tag for an email address is indicated by [email]. This allows the prospect to book a meeting in 1-click, no form fill required.

Once gets the email, he/she magically books a meeting with Scott in 1-click and receives calendar invite, no form was filled, Scott receives notification that a meeting was booked, and all the details logged directly into Salesforce.

Note:  Smart Booking Links work with individual calendar  URL's  & Queue  URL's . If your Queue uses the "Prioritize Based on Ownership" algorithm, then you're able to utilize 1 URL for all your MailChimp emails, which route the meeting to the respective Salesforce lead/contact/account owner using the Salesforce ownership rules you define.

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