Oracle Eloqua - Form Booker Set Up

By integrating the Chili Piper's Intelligent Form Booker into Oracle Eloqua web forms, here's what you can do:

  • Schedule Meetings from Oracle Eloqua forms
  • Qualify or Disqualify Inbound Leads
  • Route Meetings via Round Robin, Territory assignment, or SFDC Ownership
  • Log details directly in SFDC and Oracle Eloqua

Integrating Chili Piper Form Booker into Oracle Eloqua Web Forms

In 5 easy steps, you're able to book meetings right from Oracle Eloqua Web Forms:

Step 1:  Create Oracle Eloqua Form

Step 2:  Create Chili Piper Form and Map your Form Fields

Step 3:  Create Chili Piper Inbound Router

Step 4:  Embed Chili Piper javascript

Step 5: Test your Oracle Eloqua Form Integration

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