Book Meetings on Your Mobile Devices at Events

In the days before Chili Piper, you used to scan prospect badges or ask for their business card on your booth, go back home, and follow up with an email batch with low response rate.

But why not seize the opportunity to book a meeting when the prospect is most inclined to do so, as you are talking to them? Just do it with CHILI PIPER ON YOUR PHONE or IPAD!

You can use your own calendar:

Or your team aggregated calendar (a queue):

Save that link and open it from your iPhone in Safari or your Android in Google Chrome – it should look like this:

Follow the steps below to have it ready on your iPhone screen:

Follow a very similar example workflow to get the Chili Piper app on your Android screen:

Once added to your home screen you'll see the app like this: 

 As you’re talking to the next qualified prospect, ask her to look at her calendar on her phone, agree on a time to meet, then select that time on your phone and input her name, email and phone number. 

An invite from your Google calendar will be sent in real time (and the record created in Salesforce). Ask her to accept the meeting, and … voila!

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