Multiple Meeting Types within a Queue

Multiple Meeting Types within a Queue

With Chili Piper's Multiple Meeting Types, you're able to give your prospects and customers options on what type of meetings they can schedule when booking a meeting with you.

To configure your Multiple Meeting Types, jump into Chili Piper and create a new queue.

Enable Multiple Meeting Types

Within the "Online Booking URL" settings, toggle on "Enable multiple meeting types on this link."

Adding A Welcome Message

When your prospect first opens the link that has Multiple Meeting Types enabled, say hello to them with a personalized message!

In the text box labeled "Welcome Message", you can customize the message your prospect or customer sees.

What Meeting Types are will my prospects/customers see?

Under the "Visible" column at the bottom, you can easily toggle which Meeting Templates are available for your prospects to choose from and the order in which they are displayed.

Adding Descriptions to Each Meeting Type

When Multiple Meeting Types is enabled, each Meeting Type you make Visible will have a description. 

This customization is available for each Meeting Template and will appear when your prospect is initially choosing a Meeting Type.

Like this:

Customization can be done under the "Meeting Type Description" dropdown in each Meeting Template. 

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