Chili Piper Data flow

Here's the complete data flow from the moment a guest request the meeting until the record gets created in your users' calendar

To break this down:

  1. Chili Piper becomes activated upon the prospect submitting the form this is when the meeting request occurs
  2. Within seconds, Chili Piper checks your Salesforce instance to see if this person already exists as a Lead or Contact. If they do, we'll check your Ownership Queues and determine if the prospect matches one. 
  3. If the prospect is net new or you have settings to redistribute existing contacts, we scan your non-Ownership Queues to determine which one they match, and then present the calendar 
  4. Once a time is chosen, we send out the calendar invite instantly to both the prospect and the Assignee
  5. Either Chili Piper or an existing system of yours will write the lead in Salesforce depending on your Concierge || Inbound Router settings
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