Multiple Meeting Types for Users

With Chili Piper's Multiple Meeting Types, you're able to give your prospects and customers options on what type of meetings they can schedule when booking a meeting with you.

Here's an example.

To configure your Multiple Meeting Types, head over to  My Meeting Templates in your personal settings in Chili Piper.

Turn On/Off Multiple Meeting Types 

At the bottom of the page, you'll see a toggle option to "Allow multiple meeting types on booking link" - Turning this on will enable the Multiple Meeting Type functionality.

Add a Welcome Message

Give your prospect or customer a friendly message when they arrive to your page.

Enable Your Meeting Types

Turn On which Meeting Types you want displayed as options. You can also re-arrange the order.

Adding Descriptions to Each Meeting Type

When Multiple Meeting Types is enabled, each Meeting Type you make Visible will have a description. 

This customization is available for each Meeting Template and will appear when your prospect is initially choosing a Meeting Type.

Like this:

Customization can be done under the "Meeting Type Description" dropdown in each individual Meeting Template.

Go ahead and test it out! 🖐

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