Setting Up Concierge with Hubspot Forms


1. Meeting Templates 

Navigate to     Meeting Types - Templates  -> Add New  
Create meeting templates for your calendar invites  
See Calendar Templates examples 

2. Setup your rules

Navigate to     Assigned Meetings- Queues -   >   Add New  
Create “team calendars” for your booking rules.  
E.g. Round robin for Small business,    route   to   owner   in a specific region etc.
See example of an   advanced team setup

3. Create your inbound router

Navigate to “Inbound Router” -> “Add New Form   Booker  ”. 
IMPORTANT: make sure that you've selected the option "Chili Piper creates lead in Salesforce in real time" in your settings, as follows:

4. Adjust your Hubspot Form

Go to your   Huspot   settings, and make sure to select the option 
"Thank you message", NOT "Redirect" 


5. Form Mapping 

Map your form field names to your Salesforce field names

6. Embed your code

Copy the Javascript embed in your HTML page, AFTER the Hubspot form embed. 
See  how

7. Test before you go   live   

Test and repeat  

8. Go live 

And be a hero. Keep us posted on your results!  

9. Monitor 

Keep an eye on your data  and constantly improve  

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