Marketing Curated Emails with Booking Links via Oracle Eloqua Engage

Engage is a powerful sales tool, built by Oracle Eloqua, that alleviates the need to constantly re-create emails that are frequently used throughout the sales process. Ensuring sales professionals are using marketing-approved messaging, branding and content, it also allows for personalization and tracking of each email sent. 

By integrating your Chili Piper Booking Links with Oracle Eloqua Engage, give your sales team the ability to quickly send out marketing curated emails to their customers and prospects which do all of the following: 

  • Schedule meetings directly from the Email
  • Book in 1-click, no form filling required
  • Route meeting to SFDC Lead/Contact Owner
  • Log details directly in SFDC & Oracle Eloqua
Eloqua Engage

Integrating Chili Piper Booking Links into Oracle Eloqua

Including a calendar link in your email campaigns can receive a substantial boost in conversion rates.  

To do this, let's first make sure you have created an "Email Group" in Eloqua with the setting "Make this Email Group Available in Oracle Eloqua For Sales" enabled. 

Next, open up an Oracle Eloqua email and make sure the email is within the Email Group you have created.  Assuming you've built the email and added a Hyperlink, we'll want to right click on the Hyperlink and edit the source code similar to the picture below:

Click " Edit Source" and add the code below:

<div style="text-align:left;"><a href="InsertChiliPiperBookingLinkHere?id=<span class='eloquaemail'>EmailAddress</span>" data-targettype="webpage" style="letter-spacing:0px;"><font style="font-size:20px;">HYPERLINK TEXT HERE</font></a></div>

What we're doing here is appending the email address of the prospect to the Chili Piper link via field merge in Oracle Eloqua. This allows the prospect to book a meeting in 1-click, no form fill required.

Note: Smart Booking Links work with individual calendar URL's & Queue URL's. If your Queue uses the "Prioritize Based on Ownership" algorithm, then you're able to utilize 1 URL for all your Oracle Eloqua emails, which route the meeting to the respective Salesforce lead/contact/account owner using the Salesforce ownership rules you define. 

  Below features, an example calendar included featuring one of our reps, Scott.

Where   is  the calendar link  and   ?id=<span class='eloquaemail'>EmailAddress</span>" data-targettype="webpage" style="letter-spacing:0px;"><font style="font-size:20px;">HYLER LINK TEXT HERE</font></a></div is the appended email parameter and Hyperlink text.

If we sent this email to our friend, an example output will be this

Once gets the email, he/she magically books a meeting with Scott in 1-click and receives calendar invite, no form was filled, Scott receives notification that a meeting was booked, and all the details logged directly into Salesforce.

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