1. Increase your chances to convert a lead via Drift Playbooks + Chili Piper calendar URLs

Drift allows you to easily create a playbook to target specific visitors on your site.  

Depending on your Drift subscription, you may or may not have the LeadBot functionality to automatically schedule meetings on behalf of your reps.  

We've found a quick hack to help make this work for Drift + Chili Piper customers.  

  1. We suggest you create a playbook in Drift.  Let's use our "LeadBot Pricing Page" as an example below.
  2. Create an end goal and insert + hyperlink your Chili Piper booking links....ex: When a qualified lead hits our end goal of "< 10 Sales Reps - Qualified" we send them this booking link: https://calendar.chilipiper.com/book/less-than-10-sales-reps to have them schedule a meeting with our sales team.
  3. Publish your Drift playbook and enable your Drift LeadBot to schedule meetings for you when your team is off working hours.

Here is a quick look at how we have it setup on our pricing page to give you some ideas

After the meeting is booked:

  • If the lead/contact already exists in Salesforce, the meeting is created in Salesforce and attached to the correct object.
  • The meeting is automatically created in the assignee's calendar and the prospect gets invited.
  • The assignee receives an email with a link to the prospect in Salesforce.
  • The meeting is displayed on the prospect calendars.
  • You can create advanced rules and send your prospect an email, reminders before the meeting, and much more.

2. Send Chili Piper calendar URLs for better conversions with Prospects and quickly help your Customers

With Drift, you can send and store Chili Piper calendar URLs from saved replies.  To access saved replies within Drift you must currently go to the team settings >>> conversations >>> saved replies.  

Within the conversations tab in Drift, you can access and insert saved replies as you chat with prospects or customers.  

- For Prospects, quickly insert your public booking  url  or a team calendar link to ensure the meeting is passed on to the correct sales rep.  

-For Customers, simply click to insert a calendar link to your customer success or support team to help schedule meetings with customers who may need help with your product.

3. Add Chili Piper smart links to Drift Outbound Email Cadences for 1 click booking 

Drift recently released their Sales Cadences.  Within your email campaigns, you can send specific calendars URL to your prospects that can drastically increase your conversion rates because prospects can book meetings in one click. 

Based on who the prospect is, they can book a meeting in one click with the correct person.

After you installed the Chili Piper app, created the queues and your rules, you can copy your booking links and insert them in your Drift cadences with this structure:

[Calendar URL]?id={{user.email }}

For instance, here’s Scott’s calendar:

https://calendar.chilipiper.com/book/me/scott-haney?id={{ user.email }}

You can get very advanced with your booking links before you send them out.

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