Madkudu Fast Lane Integration


MadKudu Fastlane + Chili Piper enables you to let your qualified leads book meetings directly with your reps after they request a demo.

Madkudu Steps to Complete First:

  • Create Madkudu Campaign
  • Configure Madkudu Form

Connect Madkudu Form to Chili Piper

1. Setup Chili Piper in Madkudu

Paste the code below in the “What to do when a visitor is found to be qualified” section

2. Replace Line 53 with your Chili Piper Router

<code>ChiliPiper.submit("madkudu", "inbound-router", chili_options);

To find your Chili Piper Router, copy the code from your Inbound Router.

3. Optionally, personalize the message

Replace line 35 with your desired message:

<code>var modalOptions = { 

title: firstName + ', you qualify for the fast lane!',

subtitle: 'Our scoring tells us you should get access to our calendar now.',

cta_yes: 'Book time with us', cta_no: 'No thanks.' };

4. Test your Router

Use the preview functionality to test the Fastlane functionality.
Warning, while using Fastlane in preview mode does not impact your production form, any meetings booked in preview mode will be recorded as actual demos booked. Make sure to remove those meetings afterwards or let your sales team know.

When possible we recommend testing with a staging calendar to avoid any confusion.

5. Publish

Once you’re satisfied with the preview, turn the form on and publish it.

After a couple minutes you can check that the form is live by heading to your demo request page and running the following command in the console:


It should return true indicating the form is now live and ready to better your demo booking experience for qualified prospects.

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