Creating a Contact in Salesforce

By default, Chili Piper will create a Lead in Salesforce if the prospect does not already exist. Furthermore, Chili Piper can create a Contact if an Account already matches, if you have this setting turned on. These settings can be found in "Manage Workspaces".

However, some companies always want to create a Contact, never a lead. That is possible with Zapier. 

Here's how you do it:

  1. Make a new Zap and include Chili Piper "New Meeting" as the Trigger. See here.
  2. (optional) Create a Filter if you only want your Zap to run for specific "Event Types", "Event Queues", or other parameters.
  3.  Select "Salesforce" as your Action.
  4. [Add an Action Step] Select "Search for Salesforce Account" (optional)
    1. Field to Search By: "Account Name"
    2. Search Value: "Prospect Company"
    3. Select "Create Salesforce Account if it doesn't exist yet?"
      1. Account Name: "Prospect Company"
  5. [Add an Action Step] Select "Create Contact"
  6. Map Fields from Chili Piper
    1. Last Name = Prospect Last Name
    2. First Name = Prospect First Name
    3. Email = Prospect Email
    4. Mobile Phone = Prospect Mobile Phone
    5. Meeting Type = Event Type
    6. Lead Source = "Chili Piper" (optional)
  7. [Add an Action Step] Find a Contact
    1. Field to Search By = Email
    2. Search Value = Prospect Email
  8. [Add an Action Step] Select "Create Event"
    1. Booked By = "Use a Custom Value (advanced)" -> Booker Salesforce ID
    2. Meeting Type = "Use a Custom Value (advanced)" -> Event Type
    3. Assigned To = "Use a Custom Value (advanced)" -> Assignee Salesforce ID
    4. Event Queue = "Use a Customer Value (advanced)" -> Event Queue
    5. Subject = "Use a Customer Value (advanced)" -> Event Title
    6. Duration = Event Duration
  9. That's it! Turn it on and give it a test.

Note: Remember that Chili Piper will create a lead on it's own when a meeting is booked. To prevent duplicates, you'll want to create a process builder in Salesforce to either remove the lead or merge it with the new Contact. Please contact or your Chili Piper rep if you require assistance in setting this up.

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