Zapier Available Fields - Workspace Type: CRM

With the Chili Piper <> Zapier integration, the following fields are available when a New Meeting is schedule or Meeting is Rescheduled.

Event Fields:

  • Event Title
  • Event Description
  • Event Location
  • Event Type (Meeting Type)
  • Event Queue
  • Event Workspace
  • Event Start Time
  • Event End Time
  • Event Duration
  • Event ID
  • Event Salesforce ID (if any)

Booker Fields:

  • Booker Full Name
  • Booker Email
  • Booker Salesforce ID

Assignee Fields:

  • Assignee Full Name
  • Assignee Email
  • Assignee Salesforce ID

Prospect Fields:

  • Prospect First Name
  • Prospect Last Name
  • Prospect Full Name
  • Prospect Email
  • Prospect Company
  • Prospect Mobile Phone
  • Prospect Salesforce ID
  • Prospect Opportunity ID (if prospect is contact role in opportunity)


  • List of guest by name
  • List of guest by email

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