Create smart links for your webinar

Here's a list of dynamic fields you can add to your "base" calendar links with examples below:

id  email address  Pass prospect email address as an ID if the prospect is in Salesforce. E.g. in Marketo this can be passed as a dynamic tag {{lead.Email Address}}
  CRM ID  Pass prospect CRM ID (both lead & contact objects work)
date    year-month-day  The day of your event   E.g. 2017-10-04 as Oct 4th 2017 
time    hour:minutes  E.g. 13:00pm for 1PM in the afternoon 
zone    time zone   rfc2822 format E.g. EDT is -0400,    EST is -0500,    CDT is  -0500,    CST is  -0600,    MDT is  -0600,    PDT is -0700,   PST is  -0800. Full list here
by firstname-last name  The booker's name in small letters (if they want to get notified and get credit)
type meeting Type  As Configured in Chili Piper admin under Team Templates 


We want customers to sign up in one click for a webinar (customer-webinar) for 1pm EST on Oct 4th 2017 and we send this link through marketo:{lead.Email Address}&date=2017-10-04&time=13:00pm&zone=-0500&type=customer-webinar

Our base calendar above is Brandon's calendar:

Your base calendar can be:

a. An individual calendar link. You can find your own link under  meetings settings . The individual booking links for your team are under User Settings tab (accesible to admin only)

b . Team calendar links.You can find them within  your queues

Once you have identified your calendar “Base” link you have many options to enhance this in your campaigns

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