Map your form fields to Chili Piper form

1. Access your form field names

Navigate to your existing website form. Access your form fields names.  You can find them in your form creator or by “Inspecting” them in Chrome directly (Right-click on a page element and select Inspect).

For  instance, in the example below, the field name for the “Phone Number” field is “phone”

2. Create a Chili Piper form and match your form fields with Salesforce fields

Navigate to Admin -> Forms and create a new form. 

Create the same with fields as your form -> match them with Salesforce fields. Your field type in Salesforce MUST match the field type in your form.

Under "form field name" you add your form fields name you find above:

Important: Make sure the values are properly mapped for First Name, Last Name, Email, and all other form values that you would like Chili Piper to collect from your web forms for routing and qualification purposes. 

3. Add form to router

After you have mapped your form to the form in Chili Piper, make sure you add it to the router you’re planning to use.

Once you have completed this step, please see the next article for adding the Chili Piper code to your Pardot Form. 

Embed Pardot Code to your page. 

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