Add new workspace on Chili Piper

Why? If you want to separate your teams' settings. For instance, customer success and prospecting teams have their own meeting templates and calendar settings. Or the marketing team wants to have their own queue setup for the intelligent form booker. 

Who? You have to have superpowers to create new instances. If you see "Manage Workspaces" in the menu drop down in your admin panel,  it means you possess these powers and you are a master admin.

 If not, tough luck. Just kidding, you can contact us and we can help. 


After you access the Workspace Management, you have the ability to create a brand new workspace for your team. 

This workspace will have its own queues, meeting templates, reminders, and users. 

Adjust user access including "master admin" privileges under "Manage Workspace" -> "Users access per workspace" 

If a user is active in multiple workspace, he will see this interface in the "Instant Calendar"Good to know:

  • Conference details are common across workspaces. For instance, if Jen Hewitt is using a specific conference link, she can use that link with the same dynamic tag {!Conference.Details} across all workspaces
  • Queues settings (round robin configurations, calendar settings) are common for all CRM related workspaces. You can find them under "Manage Instances" - "CRM Instances - Preferences"

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