Intelligent Form Booker with Pardot Forms

* You need to be a Chili Piper admin to follow the steps below

1) Create a new form in Chili Piper

Create a New Form in Chili Piper that maps to your Pardot form

Navigate to Admin - > Forms and create a form that matches your existing website form. See how to transfer form fields names to Chili Piper 

You may end up with fields that look something like this: 

2) Create a New Form Booker

Navigate to Admin -> Inbound Router and create a new router 

Under "Router Settings", select the form you created in Step 2

3) Configure "Salesforce Options"

Like in the screenshot below

4) Assign your Queues

Make sure you create your queues correctly. See example of an  advanced team setup for queues (includes territories, round  robin  and account size)

Assign these queues for meeting and prospect distribution:

a) For prospects who book meetings

b) For prospects who don't book meetings

5) Embed your intelligent form booker in your form

 Embed the  javascript code in your Pardot form and thank you code

6) Test your routing

Activate the router and  start testing your routing 

7) Monitor your data 

Go live and  monitor your results. Keep us posted - we are constantly striving for ways to improve those numbers! 

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