Update your logo

How it works

Chili Piper by default pulls your company's logo from the Clearbit database. Clearbit pulls the logo from your company's Twitter profile or from your website 

Updating Your Logo

There are two ways to go about updating your company's logo: In-App and by updating your Clearbit logo.


Someone with Master Admin access can update the logo in-app by going to "Manage Workspaces" and pressing "EDIT" 

After pressing edit, you'll want to open the drop-down menu "Select your options." Here you can either drag and drop your logo or click to upload your logo.  After you save, it will update and be shown whenever using a link associated with the workspace.

* The logo uploaded in-app is at the workspace level, so you'll need to update it for all workspaces you would like the new logo to reflect in.


To update your logo in Clearbit, you must go to clearbit.com/logo and follow the instructions on that page. 

If you'd like to specify a size, you must attribute a size to the tag, shown below. 

*Please note that changes could take 30 days to reflect in Clearbit API. 

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