Prioritizing Routing Based on Region

Follow these steps, or skip to the example for a visual approach

A lead, contact, or account can be routed directly to a rep based on region. This can be done by establishing rules in your queues based on pre-existing fields in your Salesforce instance.

Similarly to all other queues explained in the Introduction to Queues, you are able to choose between Flexible, Strict, or a combination round robin. 

Step 1

Establish queues based on region and assign each region with the appropriate team members.

Step 2

Per each queue, establish if you'd like to use a  strict or flexible round robin

Step 3

Based on fields set up in your Salesforce instance, create rules based on region for each of the following areas:

  • Related Account
  • Related Contact
  • Related Lead

Step 4

Activate your queue!


We establish two separate queues: 1 for Team USA and 1 for Team International with their corresponding team members assigned. 

USA Inbounds

and Non-USA Inbounds

For the sake of this example, we have a USA team consisting of Nicole  Grownman  and George  Cloone , as well as an international team consisting of Zooey  Deschannel  and Danny Washington. 

Now we create rules, as follows:

Now, when a sales rep sees an inbound lead, from France, she uses the instant book button next to the lead's email address and automatically sees the queue for the International Team. 

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