Show next person in queue vs availability for all

Prioritize Fairness 

By default, for round robin queues ( flexible or strict) your users will see the next assignee with a star as the default person to book a meeting with. This assignee is the user with the fewest meetings assigned so far based on the  rules you setup 

This is what your users will see

If the next assignee in line to receive a meeting your users can follow  these instructions 

Prioritize Velocity 

You have the ability to change this setting if you want to prioritize velocity (prioritize the time that works for your guests) instead of fairness. To do that, you have to go to  Manage Workspaces -> Sales Workspaces - Preferences   -> Calendar & Round Robin tab and uncheck this box:

Once this box is unchecked, your users will see the Availability for all assignees as a priority 

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