Vacation rules for round robin

A vacation day is counted as a full day event marked as busy on the user's calendar

By default, user's vacation is not counted in the fairness algorithm for round robin queues.

 If you want to change this setting to go to Manage Workspaces -> Sales Workspaces - Preferences  -> Calendar & Round Robin tab and uncheck the box towards the bottom of the page: 

Once checked, the assignee meeting count will be given "fake" meetings upon returning so that he does not get all the meetings when he gets back. This means his "meeting count" will be the average of his teammates upon returning. 

Example:  Assume Vacation Calibration is enabled. A queue has three assignees: Mary, Joe and Spike. June 4th Joe goes on vacation. At this point the meeting distribution is as follows : Mary 3 meetings, Joe 3 meetings, Spike 2 meetings. When Joe comes from vacation Mary has 10 meetings and Spike 8. Joe will be normalized at 9 meetings (the average between his teammates). And the software will suggest Spike as the next assignee to receive a meeting based on current meeting count.  

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