Change round robin duration


The round robin algorithm counts each meeting the assignee receives over a period of time. By default, the period of time is 1 month. At the beginning of the month, the counter is reset

Other durations 

To change the default go to "Manage Workspaces" -> "Sales Workspaces - Preferences" -> "Calendar & Round Robin" tab and check the box below. Select a start date for your algorithm in the past

Once the "Never reset" box is checked the meeting counter never stops, the meetings are counted starting from the date you selected. 


Important to note: if you want to reset the count for each quarter you need to create a reminder for yourself to come and change the date and have it start for your new quarter. 


Counter starts Q1

Counter starts Q2 


If you change your mind and uncheck the box after the experiments above, the counter is adjusted and meetings are counted for the current month only. 


Should I leave the default or should I customize the duration? 

If you customize your duration you have to keep notes of your changes. It's easier to keep track of your team's activities over a period of one month:

  •  It allows you to see patterns in activities to improve 
  • You can create incentives for your team to perform better month over month. E.g. The user with most closed opportunities this month gets more meetings next month (you can do this by adjusting the weights for each assignee) 

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