Round Robin algorithm

Meeting count 

The round robin algorithm counts each meeting the assignee receives over a period of time. By default, the period of time is 1 month. At the beginning of the month, the counter is reset


Several rules can be adjusted for meeting distribution. These rules can be adjusted under:   Manage Workspaces -> Sales Workspaces - Preferences  -> Calendar & Round Robin tab

  • Credit back assignee if a meeting is marked as a no show. See how you can start managing no shows for your team
  • Credit back assignee if a meeting is canceled 
  • Allow re-assignment on events (old assignee is credited back a meeting) 


Change rules of distribution with weights for each assignee: 

Example: if for the month Mary, Joe, and Stacy have the following weights 100%, 50%, 50% for the month and 60 completed meetings were booked for them  - for the month - in total, the distribution would be as follows: 30, 15, 15. 

Pro tip: if you change weights midway through your cycle, make sure to make a note of it otherwise it will be harder to keep track of your meeting distribution 

Combine round robin rules across queues 

The round robin counter can be attributed across several queues. You can adjust this under: ->  Manage Workspace -> CRM Workspaces- Preferences  -> + ADD GROUPING (you need to be a master admin to have access to this area) 

For instance, if you have a round robin queue with North American - Enterprise accounts with Mary, Joe and Stacy and Canada - Enterprise accounts with Mary, Joe and Mike but you want to distribution to be fair across the two groupings then you can create a special grouping as follows: 

Give your grouping a name and save

More advanced rules

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