Round Robin example

Example: North America - Enterprise Accounts - round robin 

Here's an example of queue created for the North American team enterprise account executives. This Round Robin should be applied only when accounts are above 500 employees and the account's billing country is US:

And the rules setup are as follows: 

Booking a meeting via the "Popup" Calendar 

When the users are booking a meeting with  Chili Piper from SalesforceGmailOutlook or any other tool using the browser extension, the app checks the email address of the first guest to see if it matches any of the conditions above. If it does, the calendar popup automatically routes to the correct person and marks the queue with a green dot. 

If the queue has no rules, the queue will be visible in the drop down in the Popup Calendar with a green dot

All the queues that don't match the rules are under Show non-matching with a red dot 

Here's an example of Jen (inbound SDR)  booking a meeting from Salesforce with Collin - a prospect that matches the rules above: 

Once the meeting is booked the event is saved natively in the calendars of the assignee, prospect and if selected in your configurations, the booker as well

The event in Salesforce get added automatically - specifies who booked the meeting for whom and in what queue. In this case, Jen booked a demo meeting for Danny

Booking a meeting via a calendar link

You can also choose to send your prospects a link to book directly (copy the link directly from queue page, at the top): 

The prospect can pick a time and, based on the time, the meeting will be assigned to the person with the least amount of meetings available at that time

If you pass the ID of your prospect through the calendar URL the prospect can  book a meeting in one click

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