Create your first queue

1. Create your queue

Go to Assigned Meetings - Queues ->  Calendar Queues and select ADD NEW QUEUE   .

2. Activate a few users

To get started, select the algorithm labeled  "Advanced Round Robin", and select a few users to activate in your queue (they will not get a notification when you do). Save your queue.

3. Book a meeting from Salesforce

Go to Salesforce -> Lead/Contact page. Ideally, select a test lead or contact for a test meeting. You will see an orange calendar next to their email address. (The browser extension must be installed in order for the orange calendar to show.)

When you click on the icon you will see the queue you created earlier and your calendar as well. Select your own calendar to make the test simpler:

After you select your own calendar, pick a time with your test lead and click on " Book a meeting"

Once you book a meeting, make sure your meeting was created in your calendar and the activity shows up on the test lead under "Open Activities

That's it. Before you onboard your team you need to make sure all your queues are created with the rules you need for your process. 

You will find queue examples on our guides here.

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