Managing your team

User management in Chili Piper happens via Salesforce. If a new user is added in Salesforce, it will show up within 15 minutes in Chili Piper. If a user is disabled in Salesforce, it will be disabled in Chili Piper automatically as well (Free Chatter Users can also be managed in Chili Piper) 

A user doesn’t become active unless he/she downloads the browser extension to activate their personal calendar.

To get your team started, you will have to send them a link to this guide.

You will see your list of users and their connections under User Settings.

After you have all your settings configured according to your desired process, make sure to follow this quick checklist for onboarding your team.

If you have a large team you can also create "workspaces" to separate different teams in the app. E.g. marketing vs sales. 

In the "Users access per workspace" setting, you can toggle users to restrict them to see only their teams queues, meeting templates, reminders, etc...

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