Getting Started for Admins

This is a quick guide to get you started in 6 steps. For more advanced settings see guides on the menu on the left.

1. Connect the app for your team 

Make sure you connect your app here. Login with Salesforce first & then confirm your email domain (Office 365/Gmail). 

  • If you can't connect your Salesforce account, you either don't have API access or your IPs are restricted in Salesforce. Please reach out and we'll help.

2. Make sure your calendar is connected

  • Navigate to "My Settings" -> "My Integrations" and make sure your calendar is connected under your name

3. Install the browser extension

3. Check your calendar link 

Go to "My Settings" -> " Calendar Settings" tab and check that your calendar link is working and you can book a meeting on it.

4. Create your first queue 

Follow these instructions to book your first round robin queue and book a meeting from Salesforce.

5. Book a meeting via email 

Suggest times to a prospect to meet:

6. Learn how to manage your team

Learn how to manage your team now that you have admin superpowers. :)  

That's it. Be sure to follow the advanced guides on the left for your configurations and once you are ready, follow the  onboarding checklist to get started with the rest of your team.

"With great power comes great responsibility"

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