How does "round robin" work?

Meetings booked within Chili Piper within a round robin are "counted" for a period of time (this period of time is configured in your admin settings). By default, the round robin resets itself every month 

A team member receiving a meeting is called an Assignee in Chili Piper. A team member booking a meeting is called a Booker

By default, the app suggests - with a star - the team member with the fewest number of meetings for the time period. 
If the next assignee is not available to take the meeting, you can click on Availability for all, like in the screenshot below

Your round robin may be setup as:

  • Strict:  you can only select the next assignee to receive a meeting
  • Flexible: you can select other team members as well 

In both cases, the Availability for all can be selected and the algorithm picks the assignee with the fewest meetings available at the time you selected 

Note that your admin may turn on or off the following settings in the round robin algorithm: 

  • Deleted meetings give your assignees  (don't get counted in the round robin)
  • No Shows as marked via Chili Piper plugin in your events give your team members credit (don't get counted in the round robin)
  • Vacations in your team members calendar (as marked by full day busy events) reset the counter for team members. This means that when your team members return from vacation the app considers them at the same level as everyone else
  • Custom weights: certain users may be set at a lower quota than the rest of the team (e.g. new team members). In this case the number of meetings will be lower for teammates with lower weights 

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