How to add my video conference details

fzYou can add your link, WebEx,, Uber Conference or any other video conference system details you use directly in your meeting templates and reminders in Chili Piper.  

Make sure your Chili Piper admin has successfully added your unique conference details URL here.

For Users to Add their Own

You may also add your own Conference details to your profile here

My Settings -> Personal Details -> Conference Details. 

Here's an example of how it looks in a meeting template below:

In some cases, you may see the {!Conference.Details} tag in the template. This means that you can have a Chili Piper admin fill in your conference details & automatically populate for all your team templates as needed. If you are curious how your admin uses this field, see this article

If you are using GoToMeeting, follow these instructions here.

If you are using Zoom and would like to create unique Zoom Meetings whenever a meeting is booked, please follow these instructions

Pro tip: set up automatic reminders for the corresponding template

You have the option of setting up automatic reminders for each template. Customize the messaging, conference details, and when it's sent out. Here's an example below: 

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