Manage no shows

Events booked by Chili Piper have a green button above guests:

If a prospect doesn’t show up, you can mark the meeting as a no show.

If, on the event object in Salesforce (or lead/contact) you  add a field of type checkbox (unchecked by default) with the field name No_Show_CP, you will be able to report on this field automatically. 

Important: On your admin page, under Integrations, make sure you click “Refresh Salesforce Fields” if you add this new field name:

You can use the field on the contact/lead object to create automated triggers for no shows (like  starting a  sequence in Outreach or a cadence in SalesLoft) .

Your admin can decide if these meetings count in the round robin algorithm or not, by configuring the  queues preferences.

Known limitations:

  • This feature doesn't (yet) work in Outlook 

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